We’ve Moved!

In True Military Fashion, we have moved!

We will now be blogging on our website at http://r2rdesigns.com/news/

So stop by and say hi!











This site will no longer be updated!



Ready, Set, Order…….

It’s Hero Bag Order time again! We will be starting orders again for Hero Bags on Nov 17 at 2pm EST. We will be taking orders for Feburary through May for a total of 5 bags. For those who are not familiar with our ordering proccess, once Hero Bags orders are open they will stay open untill we recieved 5 bag orders. Once we reach 5, we will stop taking orders. Those 5 orders will be placed in theopen Order Queue spots in the order that they are recieved. If you were one of the lucky five then you will recieve an email with 24 hrs stating what month your bag will be created in. All uniforms must be recieved at R2R Designs Studios by December 1st, if they are not you might be bumped to a later month. As a reminder when placing you order please make sure all items including fabric choice and embroiridery is placed in your chart priot to check out. Any order adjustments to orders after check out may encure additional fees. PLEASE READ our How It Works Page to insure a more streamline ordering proccess! In August we SOLD OUT of Fall spots in only 7 minutes! So be prepared for an exciting afternoon!

Its Football Season!

Its college football season and we have the items that help you celebrate your favorite team! N-A-V-Y GO NAVY! Fight!

As you will see by this post that Maggie is a big Navy Fan! She is an Alumni and Season Ticket holder. So our saturday line up includes a Navy Football Jersey Hero Bag, Beat Army Kitchen Towel, Baby Bath Set and Bib! Not a Navy Fan? Our first question would be why not? but we understand so that is why these items are available in your teams colors and logo! Go Navy Beat Air Force!

Beat Army Kitchen Towel $15! Stay Tuned for an Auburn Towel!

I Drool Bib $15.99

Baby Hooded Towel with Matching Wash Cloth! $29.99

{gifts} christmas orders

{News} PCSing next the Spring

We never thought that we would be discussing PCS moving and stopping bag orders in August when move time is not till next June! But we are! With Tiffanie PCSing next spring and having to do a dity move (the joys of being over weight with four kids, two dogs and a plane), R2R Designs will only being taking two bag orders per month for the months of March, April and May. March is already full, so that leaves 4 custom hero bag spots open before we shut down for the move.  Once those spots are filled we will no longer be taking custom bag orders till after the move. However we will continue to take all none bag orders till about April.

On a side note for all those who have been asking make up bags, key chain pouches and clutches they will be back on sale starting in November. Maggie returns from deployment at the begining of December and is already ready to start sewing again!

Thank You to all of our wonderful customers, you all have helped us grow tremendously this year!

{Hero Bags} Priceless

What it takes to make a  custom Hero Bag!

  • Custom Design: 1 hour
  • Seam ripping: ODU/NWU/BDU = 1 1/2 hours and Flight Suit = 4 hours
  • Cutting uniform, lining and stabalizer: 3 hours
  • Ironing stabalizer: 1 hour
  • Uniform and patch reassembly: ODU/NWU/BDU = 1 1/2 hours and Flight Suit = 3 hours
  • Embroidery: 1 hour
  • Pocket assembly: 2 hours
  • Straps: Webbing = 30 minutes and cloth = 2 hours
  • Additional accessories and options: 1 – 5 hours
  • Assembly: 3 hours
  • Minimum creation time: 16 hours which equates to labor cost of $3.13 per hour.
  • Owning your own custom Hero Bag: PRICELESS!!!

We hope this puts some prespective on why our bags are priced as such and why we can only do so many bags in a month!

{An American Hero} Cowgirl Diaper Bag

Introducing a NEW addition to our American Hero line, the Modern Day Cowgirl. This diaper bag offers everything you need in a diaper bag and more. It has loads of pockets for all of baby’s needs, space for mommy’s needs and functionality for beyond the baby years all combined into a stylish bag that shows support for your cowboy. The Modern Day Cowgirl design is also available in any of our Hero styles.

This particular bag also has the matching changing pad, which for us is an oversized design at 16″ x 36″. Also, introducing our NEW carseat cover! This carseat cover is designed with 4 corner pockets for quick access to the illusive pacifier that you can’t find when you need it most. Or even a burp cloth for the out of the blue spit-up episode that has you scrambling for something to clean it up with. The cuffs on the top allow you to attach it to the carseat for those super windy days to keep baby covered and you from having to chase a blanket across the parking lot.
Love it!!
The Set! More pictures of the car seat cover are coming soon!