April Orders

It is Hero Bag Order time again! The next two dates that we will be open for orders are the 6th and 13th of April! On the 6th, we will be taking orders for 3 Hero Purses (non Flight Suit) to be delivered in July. On the 13th, we will be taking 2 Hero Bag orders (any bag and any uniform) to be delivered in August and  September (1 per month).

 We  continue to be open for non Hero Bag orders to include Kindle Cases, Onesies, Regatta tote and iPad cases.

In Janurary we opened an ETSY shop to show case our Ready Made Items. Take a moment to stop by at


Black Friday Giveaway Winner!

And We Have a Winner! Heather Priesser! Congratulations! Thank you all for your donations and purchases! We raised $168 for Wounded Warrior!

Who wants a Hero Bag for Christmas? {giveaway}

Christmas is the time for giving. Help us give back and get the chance to have your Custom Hero Bag made in time for Christmas! This Black Friday we are giving away a spot in December for one lucky person to have their Hero Bag made. So I know you are all asking, how do I enter? There are actually two ways: 1: For every item you purchase from R2R Designs on Black Friday you will receive one entry to the contest. For example: Buy one key chain get one entry; buy a key chain and a blanket get two entries. 2: Make a donation through our main page to the Wounded Warrior Project. For every dollar you donate you get one entry to the contest.  The more you donate the more entries you get! The winner will be drawn at random and announced on Sunday, NOV 25th 2011 on Facebook and on our Blog. The winner will also be notified via e-mail.

To add to all of your donations, we will be donating 10% from ALL sales on Black Friday to the Wounded Warrior Project!

Rules: By entering you are guaranteeing us that you will purchase your bag and mail us your uniforms by NOV 30th.

Disclaimer: This giveaway is to have a bag made in December NOT for a free bag. The winner is responsible for paying for their hero bag of choice. The winner can give their spot away to a friend. If the winner chooses to do so, the friend is then responsible  for purchasing their Hero Bag and sending us the uniform by the above dates. If the winner already is already in our queue for 2013 then they will be moved to Dec and we will accept one more order for 2013. Due to the nature of our custom designed products, none of the items purchased on Black Friday are guaranteed Christmas delivery except for ready made items. If you wish to purchase something with the intent of a giving it as a Christmas present, we can provide you with a gift card providing item details and stating that the item will be coming soon!

The Facebook Struggle

Facebook has been driving us crazy and we want to tell you why! For the past few years Facebook has been a great tool for us to connect and to really get know our customers. We posted all of our products and ideas and we would alway get so much love and feedback! We loved to be loved. Well Facebook went and changed how you, our fans, could see our page. Now they charge us inorder for out posts to be “promoted”. No small business can afford to pay $5 to $10 to promote each post. So we have 821 fans and only about 100-250 see each post me make. We have been asking our selfs how do we overcome this to still have a personal connection with our customers. We do have a solution. It is more work for us and will only take a few minutes of your time.

1. We are blogging more! I, Maggie, honestly hate blogging and Tiffanie doesn’t have time for it, but we are doing it. Why? Because we have control over the content and who sees it. So your part in this is to subscribe to our blog. Just submit your email address on left sidebar and then you will be notified of all our posts.

2. Newsletters! Thank you to the 97 fans who have signed up for our newsletter! We appreciate the love. So if you haven’t sign up, sign up. You can do so at We promise not to Spam you. Our goal is to send out a newsletter every few months and capture upcoming events and sales. Newsletter subscribers will always be the first to receive all news on Hero Bag sales.

3. How to beat Facebook. Head over to our page and like our photos and leave us some love. By interacting with our Page, out posts will appear more often in your news feed! The second thing to do on Facebook is to create an interest list. So click interest on the left side bar and then interest list, create new list, name your list and add us to it! Simple, huh? You can do this to all your favorite business.

Thank your for taking your time and reading this! We love our customers and just want to keep everyone informed of the happenings at R2R Designs. You can read more about this over at this blog.

R2R Designs Studio!

We are excited! We actually have our own  amazing  design studio. Such an upgrade from a thrown together sewing room in a basement with little light! Our space is now a STUDIO!!!! We wanted to share the transformation of the front room of Tiffanie’s house to the creative space it has become! We still have a few more details to add, like some vinyl decals from, but we are almost there! So Enjoy and Don’t be to0 Jealous!

Lets start with our blank canvas and all the moving boxes!

And then a trip to IKEA!!! Who doesn’t love IKEA!!!

A trip to IKEA means a day of putting furniture together….

The bones of the Studio!

The most amazing cutting table every! Constructed from two Expedit Bookshelves and a kitchen counter top, and it provides tons of storage and work space! We got the inspiration from pinterest.

Now it was time to fill the room up and start accessorizing! Besides the table our favorite aspect of the studio is the display of fabric.

The Embroidery Center

Thread storage!We found these great 12inch by 23 inch square black plastic peg boards at Home Depot!

Tiffanie believes that everyone should have a large custom ironing board like this.

Look at all that storage in the cutting table! Plus we added hooks on the end for hanging straight edges.

The Cutting table with the custom cutting mat.

The sewing table! Another great IKEA find!

Do you love this as much as we do?

As I was posting this I realized that I didn’t take a full picture of the curtains. Tiffanie custom made them, and the top half is made from ODU fabric. Stay tuned for pictures in future posts.

Its starting to look a bit like Christmas!

It might be September but Christmas is really just around the corner. So many of you know us for our Amazing Hero Bags, unfortunately due to high demand we are currently sold out for the rest of 2012. However do not worry, since we also have numerous other great gift ideas for everyone in your family, you can still have an R2R Designs Creation under your tree! We have something for the kids, husband, wife, mom, dad, sister, grandmother and all your amazing friends. Browse around our site and place your orders before Nov 15 for guaranteed Christmas delivery!


Personalized Aprons

Hero Lunch Bags

– Personalized Embroidered  Tshirt (Daddy’s Copilot, Helicopter, Airplanes and more)

Attention on Deck Snap Bag


Custom Koozies

Embroidered Golf Polos

iPad Case

Golf Towel


Key Chains

Regatta Bags


iPad/Kindle Case

Wine Bag or more Wine Bags (cant have enough wine) (also available in NWU)

Attention on Deck Snap Bag

Embroidered Kitchen Towels!  Stay tuned for some great Holiday Designs!

Re-opening of Orders

To All of Our Adoring Customers and Fans,
I want to personally Thank all of you for your conitnued support and helping us grow our business. Maggie and I truly love designing great products for you. You have been there for us and so patient with me when I just can’t keep up with my crazy life of 4 kids and designing fabulous things for you guys.
 With that said I do have to let you know about a scheduling change that will be taking affect when we re-open our shop in New Jersey on August 1. I love designing great products for our customers. It all started as a hobby and has just mushroomed into more than I could have ever imagined. At the same time I am a very devoted mother of 4 (ages 7, 6, 4 and 2) which also keeps me very busy with their school and activities. The last 2 years in CO has been insane and trying to take care of my husband and kids (who I know you can understand come first in my life) and running this business. I have spent a lot of time overwhelmed and behind on orders more often than not. To me it’s been stressful and what I feel to be unprofessional to not have products completed when they are supposed to be. So we will be changing our “Bags per Month” from 4 to 1, and will only take orders through December 2012 to start. Then in November we will begin orders again for 2013. We will also keep you posted of any contests and changes that are made.
With moving to a new station and knowing my schedule with the kids will be the same for school and activites if not more busy with having to learn a new area. I don’t feel it’s right to myself, my husband and kids to be stressed and neglected and you as faithful customers don’t deserve having to wait so long to get your products. Before we re-open in November we will re-evaluate if 1 bag a month is working or can do more, no promises though. We know that there are so many of you wanting us to design your Hero Bag and I am extremely honored to do so. I hope that you all can understand that this is hard for us to do knowing how many want a bag, but my family has to come first and I want to be able to get you your bags when orginally promised.
Again, THANK YOU for all of your patience and support in helping us grow. We are truly blessed by you all and appreciate each and every one of you. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer and look forward to working with each and every one of you in the future.
Take care,